Destructive Creativity…

Its a hard thing being involved in a animated film. Its wonderfully creative…but energy draining and I spend most of my time working all nighters. Which should not be romanticized…right now it is taking all my energy to complete a sentence let alone type.

Why then do I post this message, making an animated film has filled my life with terrifying stress. No sleep has meant that I’ve been missing classes, forgetting assignments, turning in poor work and lets not forget the lack of sleep.

***But lets think of the positive.***

I’ve been able to shoot more footage. Mostly zombie related scenes…I figured out how to make brains and innards out of thick embroidery thread. I literally gutted one of my dolls. I figured out how to make layers of skin that looked shredded.

This all sounds quite gory but as I was making all of these things I was absolutely disappointed with the image. It didn’t look real enough to me. Until that is my brother entered the kitchen for a drink and exclaimed: Ewwww!

He even knew what I was trying to portray without having to explain to him all the details.

Hopefully I will be able to cover the cost of developing this reel of film.

I have several gorey pictures but I need to get them off of my camera. (That means in a weeks time I should get around to it)

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