I need more inspiration in my life…

It seems that I have caught a summer cold this past weekend. I can hardly breath through my nose so I feel rather disgusting panting like an overheated dog. Thank God I don’t have a web cam cause being sick aint pretty. I didn’t even have the energy to do my hair.
But I still have the strength to knit so I’m pretty happy with myself. Besides being sick has its perks…I enjoyed an extremely hot, extremely long shower and afterward my big brother cooked my favorite dish for me.
I decided to search for some new projects to keep my creative juices flowing…graduating for the university has left me very antsy and I am still looking for a job. I’m hoping that whatever projects I take on next will be something I can turn around to sell on ETSY. Right now I am working on three scarfs (two luxurious black scarfs and a skinny red one for myself) but I’m mostly knitting in a frenzy to improve myself. Besides I need to move on from the garter stitch which is okay for now but I need more challenge.
I’m also working on a big teddy bear for one of my friends, she is expecting her first child this summer but I am stuck since I sewed up most of the bear before I realized that I wanted to embroider its facial features…I’m nervous about doing so now that it is mostly stuffed since I won’t be able to hide the knots within the bear. I’d hate for it to be a patchy job. Maybe I’d be better off just taking out the stuffing and embroidering the features as I had initially planned.

I think I rambled on there for a bit…I’m sorry, I’m just sick and kind of out of it. But I meant to say that I found this blog which I love and intend to revisit when I get the chance:
She suggests some awesome insight about baby clothes that I hadn’t thought over. I think I might buy some new ones for my friend and give them a dye job so that she won’t have to…that way any baby mess will be easier to pull off.
I think I have to much time on my hands…typing is not half as satisfying as knitting.

**On a side note I have started knitting in the dark during movies and on night drives so that I can learn to knit without looking at my stitches…its an attempt to knit faster but I think I’m just creating more flaws in my piece.


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