The anticipation is killing me.

Okay I havent added anything to this blog in a long time since I am still trying to function without a functioning computer.
I have been longing to sit down at my sewing machine and create birds and start working on a quilt that I had promised to start this summer I have been trying to rid myself of a pernicious cold I received from my mom…only to give the sickness to my brother. So the sewing machine placed in the kitchen is untouched.
I just found this project and already I feel antsy to make one for myself.

And now I there’s embroidery contests that just make me long to have a proper needle in my hands.
The problem before me is that I long to work on my sewing projects but there is no space to do them and it seems rude to make a whole lot of racket in the kitchen while my sick brother recuperates on the living room couch.
I just don’t know what to do with myself.


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