Lunch Time Musing…

I’ve been working on creating a plushie/teddy bear. My intent was to create the bear for a friend but since its still in its infancy I might decide to hold onto since it would be my first actual plush creation.

Anyhow the little beast is all white…about 1ft to 2ft long (or tall). It wouldn’t really be functional for a child…well I just feel like most parents would stray away from a white toy because of the desire to keep it clean. Besides I worry about how this bear would fare in a washer/dryer.

I finally decided to create hand embroidered facial features (child safety comes first) but it is slow going and I think the face looks odd. I will post pictures in a day or two. I love creating embroidery so I think I will fashion more eyes (keep on practicing) but I just came across a great bear/bee, from Lovesandasandwhich’s photostream on Flicker, that has the cutest eyes I’ve seen today!

bear bee loveandasandwhich\'s creations etsy

I am thinking of trying to emulate that with embroidery floss instead of felt!

There is always more to find and discover about the amazing creative people out there in this world:


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