Fall comfort food

Lately I’ve been dying for some good food that will shake up the routine around my apartment. A couple of weeks ago I gave in to my urge and bought every tart/bitter apple I could find, a box of unsalted butter and copious amounts of oatmeal.
I blame apple pie. This one to be exact,
I was basically happy with my skills in the kitchen until the day I decided I ought to make an apple pie. The attempt was less than satisfying. I think there are several reasons for its failure…such as using lemon concentrate (store had no lemons), or possible because on this first apple attempt I had thrown in some red delicious (not tart or bitter), the temperature was 25 degrees lower than what it should have been…and I might have forgotten to add some flour to the apples. Oh and I forgot to add an egg wash to the crust.
When it was ready the knife sliced through with great ease. I was excited. As I wiggled the first piece out with a fork I was greeted with a horrible sight, the apples and the bottom crust was swimming in a pool of juices. applepie02 About two inches. And the bottom crust was uncooked in parts. The flesh of the apples was not sweet and sort of dissolved in your mouth.
I was too shocked. My family gobbled up discrete little slices claiming it quite good. I felt so jaded. But I should say my instinct was to throw the whole thing away and whip up a second pie far superior.
So the plan was I would purchase more ingredients and start anew.
Lucky for my I happened upon a few recipes for baked apples. Persuaded that there was more to life than calorie saturated pastry I changed my mind and made an apple crumble.
I have actually made this little treat twice already with much success.
There is something so gratifying when the smell of apples fills the kitchen that it no longer mattered what they would look like once completed. Sad to say but I never got a picture of the first batch, here alas is what was left of the second batch.
Totally worth the effort.


2 thoughts on “Fall comfort food

  1. Jessica says:


    I have a serious weakness for apple-related desserts…SERIOUS WEAKNESS.

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