Technology…bane of my existence

OMG. Forgive me. I hate to rant but I have toiled much of this day because of some tech update on a website (need not be mentioned) because the site’s update basically led me to this new fact, google chrome (my preferred web browser) has a flash related flaw.

The loss of time, patience has only added to my already dampened hopes concerning this Halloween.
I feel lost in the southwest. Fall is neither particularly cold or colorful in the desert. Hardy vegetation don’t change colors they persist. The sky is as cloudless and bright blue as it is in the summer.
I remember as a girl going to trick or treat on such cold nights. My mother wouldn’t let me leave the house unless I wore a coat over my costume.

Like all things in my life this moment of anger and frustration is deeply rooted in my own personal limitations.
I want to move. Live a life outside of the limits of this southwestern town.
Of course my tech issues may follow me where ever I go. But you can’t have everything.

***36 mins spent trying to find a photo to put in this post. Please excuse, I am done toiling.***
Until tomorrow, my best.

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One thought on “Technology…bane of my existence

  1. rxanna says:

    Anyone who noticed this entry because of the “halloween…” related tag I apologize. I started the entry with the intent to discuss the holiday and mention a new horror related project. Instead I lost all my gusto and that will have do until tomorrow.
    Apologies all around.

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