My Friend, Pizza

The answer to all of life’s problems, is not pizza but escape. I played with a puppy, ate some pizza and I hooked up the scanner.
My descent into madness is officially documented.

The first stage is filled with good humor as the computer restarts,
Stoop its what you eat
And then time passes and I become whimsical,
There is nothing more lovely than bangs
The whimsy stretches on to my imagination.
Coffee and Jane Austen
The computer restarts suddenly after freezing up for 20 minutes.
The Monitor was a smug...
While the computer was frozen a message like this was plastered across its face:
Installing new software
A bout of hysteria brings to mind something I heard in a class:
Best question made by University Professor
*An adorable 70 year old professor from S. Africa said this, she had misunderstood a student when he told her he cashed his check at a pawn shop. She went on to ask us all why we went to Porn Shops.

Upon restart I am told to that the software/download is working but this is all I see:
Design Meets Evil
**There is something so insulting by the image of a great logo representing a great evil**

Hours later my body is revolting.
Anger leads to hunger

The ipod does the best it can to distract from the whole situation leading me to pay homage to my favorite band.
Oh Arctic Monekys! You are my muse.

The audio struggle is over…and yet the scanner has disappeared.
The most offensive icons
At the sight of this icon I finally ran away from the computer.

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