Blog Update-Tonight

I have gotten behind in my duties. I have actually written up two blog entries in the last couple of days. I have not been near a computer so the entries will be added later tonight.

I have seen much and done much in the last couple of days. I’ve been roaming a local mall and getting a feel for this current marketplace. Gotta tell you I was saddened and overjoyed. More on that later.

I also watch several new movies which are worth mentioning because I believe that inspiration comes for several unlikely places.

I am loving this winter, I am absolutely filled with optimism. For the past few weeks I have been praying for some cooler weather and overcast days so that at least I can feel as though its is winter here in AZ. Surprise. Overcast days although great also mean that I no longer have natural light for product photos. I am spending more time in Photoshop than I’d like to admit.
You can’t have it all. Until later tonight, have a great evening!

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