Bit O Fun

Starting to get sick. So I took a break from making things. Not as some sort of excuse, it just feels like bad etiquette to create goods for people while contagious. I don’t want to be that person.

Anyhow because of the cold my mind is in need of something cool. I’ve only recently started reading Dude Craft’s blog. I love it. I just saw this post from earlier in the week.

I mention it only because my favorite memory of working in a theatre (as in drama not movie) was when I spent a week creating rocks for a production. These were HUGE rocks. Made of cardboard, balsa wood and tons of caulk. I may in fact be the only non-theatre, non-certified, non-shop individuals to have ever have walked into a theatre workshop to use a bandsaw to build a set of rocks.

*To work in a shop on a school campus is a big deal. Usually you need to sign a waiver, be a major, or being paying for a class. In this particular situation I knew a couple of theatre professors, I had directed a short play, and I had applied for a scholarship at the theatre which explains the odd jobs

**My train of thought is a little muddy when sick. I would edit this entry but I’m tired and I mostly wanted to just share this link and go to bed.

Dude Craft: Painted Bandsaw.

Goodnight all!

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