Down with the Sickness

Last night before the clock hit 7pm I was feeling great making dinner for my sick brother. I even stayed up to fix a breakfast for my brother to take in a hurry since he had to work at 6am.

Going to bed at 10 may sound dull but I was looking forward to getting some sleep. I woke up at 12. My breathing was scary. Went back to bed. Woke up again at 2am. Woke up again at 3am. Again at 4am. Finally when 5am came around I was hoping my brother would rush off to work so I could take a shower. Never have I wanted a humidifier more.

Suffice to say the night was horrendous. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde. Mentally I want to clean and sanitize every surface, wash some dishes, wash the bedding. But physically I want want to throw all the blankets onto my achy joints  curl up on the couch and cough to my heart’s content.

FFFFOUND! | design work life – Part 7.

I feel a little like a zombie right now what with my red eyes and my quick temper I could do some serious damage if let loose on the general public.
The picture above is from one of my favorite sites and I personally believe there should be a placard with that written on it for those of us infected folks.

Until next time, rx.

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