Sick Kitchen

Since I’m feeling better I thought it best to post one more entry before I log off and attend to life.

The strangest thing I come to know is how entwined my apartment is to my well being. I’m not a particularly lonely creature but its true when I say that it doesn’t affect anyone when I get sick.

I have no one who depends on me. But after a few days I just had to look around the place. The piles of dishes. The bags of trash. The mess.

At one point the thought of standing in the kitchen preparing coffee made me want to shudder. And I’m a girl who loves her coffee.

FFFFOUND! | meatball03.jpg

Just the other day I attempted to make a stir fry chicken. I say attempt because I fell asleep. The soy sauce, chicken and vegetables burned onto the pan. I woke up in time to turn off the burner. I still couldn’t breathe out of my nose so I had no idea what had happened until I shuffled over to the stove.

Sad to say but I scraped some of that gunk into a bowl of beautiful rice and tried to eat it.

All that matters now is my health. For my kitchen’s sake I will try to keep from making anymore mistakes.

*The picture reminded me of going to the grocery store…which was impossible before today.*

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2 thoughts on “Sick Kitchen

  1. Jessica says:

    You fell asleep…….making dinner?!? Can we say narcolepsy? (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly)

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