Poetic Nightmares

May sound strange but yesterday I was searching my small library of books looking for meaning. I miss the joy of reading a new text. I was always a voracious reader but lately I’ve been rereading the same three books. The books in question just become more shallow with each successive read.

I stumbled upon a copy of Dante’s Inferno last night. I enjoy reading poetry aloud but this was a little more dark and moral than I intended.

Reading an illustrated copy of Dante’s Inferno before bedtime can result in some very interesting dreams. I just saw this artist on Mr.X-stitch’s website that brought the book to mind. It is disturbing and yet I could not turn my eyes away. Her work would make for a very interesting exhibition.

Beefranck’s Emporium – Alaina Varrone

I spent the bulk of my day in a knitting frenzy. I’ve got more knitting to do before tomorrow. Enjoy the link to Mr. X-stitch’s page he’s worth the trip.

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