Musical Memories

I had a little too much fun this morning while perusing my Itunes music library. The songs brought back some memories from my childhood that I had forgotten.
I think for the next couple of posts I will just focus on these nostalgic treats.

Growing up I had very few friends. I would follow my brother around. I was by nature very girly. If I was lucky my brother would play with me. He would take my barbie doll house and shake it until my bedroom floor was covered in devastation. That always made me laugh. I couldn’t help but look up to him.

Which brings me to tonight’s Song: “Enter Sandman” –Metallica

The song was all over MTV when my big brother was in high school.
Back then he was a football player. Which means I usually never saw him on a given day when he wasn’t exercising with my dad, training at the school, out of town on away games or resting up after a big night.

My parents and I would travel to every game. My dad would stand up the whole game holding up his video camera. My mom would sit there a nervous wreck. On those nights when they would shout out his name I could help but thinking that there was nobody as cool as my big brother.

That’s still true. He just doesn’t have to wear pads anymore.

Tomorrow I will add another song and another memory. Holiday’s always make me nostalgic.

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