Musical Memories Strike Back

Not too long ago I wrote about how listening to my Itunes music library filled me with some great memories from my childhood. I promised to share these so here is one such treat for this chilly Monday.

Today’s song is: “Green Onions” by Booker T. & The McG’s

When I was a little girl I spent most of my time with my parents. Basically every Friday night was spent watching movies. They would make some popcorn. We would throw several large pillows on the floor. And all three of us would stretch out in front of the TV and watch a movie.

I had an early introduction to great filmmaking. George Lucas. Martin Scorsese. Francis Ford Coppola. Steven Spielberg. Oliver Stone. I remember watching a lot of R-rated films. My parents do not realize it but if it had not been for this early education I would never had pursued filmmaking like I did in college. There was so much magic to telling a story.
To this day, I create a ritual out of watching movies. Its magic has not waned.

[The image was from my favorite site, FFFFOUND!.]

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