Scene Stealers

I have a strange morning routine.
My Chihuahua, Sophie, has nothing but disdain for noise. Slamming doors. Laughter. Car honks. Basically any sound can send the little one running down the hallway to cower before my brother’s bedroom door.

So for her sake, I try to find a movie that will politely drown out all the usual sounds.
This morning’s choice was Singin’ in the Rain.

I am a fan of only a handful of Hollywood musicals but this Gene Kelly extravaganza is one of my favorites. I tend to fast forward to my favorite part whenever I pop this into the dvd.
I like Gene Kelly’s romance with Debbie Reynolds but it lacks chemistry. Their scenes are pure movie. There is no magic. Its cute. Very PG.

That is until half way through the film when you become immersed in “Broadway Melody” a breathtaking sequence with the incomparable Cyd Charisse steals the movie.
I just adore Gene Kelly when he dances with Cyd. She brings him to life. Its more than a look. His body language changes. He makes this shift from a boy into a lover. Its subtle and its perfect.

The rest of the movie pales in comparison to this one scene. In the end Debbie was never a match for Gene.
I did however find the clip on YouTube. So now you can see what I mean.

[Image Source 1]
[Image Source 2]
[Image Source 3]

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