A Vinyl Christmas

Listening to Brenda Lee‘s Christmas Album takes me back to my chilly childhood living in Washington state.

Listening to Vinyl by SemicharmedLife currently listening to, see below:


“Little girls and Little boys
dream of worlds
full of toys
This time of the year
When Christmas is near”

A week before Christmas my parents would disappear to go shopping. Just for the day. Leaving me and my brother to stay home and clean. With the warning that Santa was watching.

The two of us would raid their record collection and play all their Christmas albums.

I remember trying to skip songs. A tricky thing to do with a record but I was a determined little girl. I also had a penchant for playing with the needle. All of which would drive my brother crazy.

But that would be our day. Listening to music. Daydreaming about presents.

The moment our car pulled into the driveway we would scramble to stop the music and tidy the living room. I say we but actually my brother did all the cleaning. I just hid in the bathroom.
He was my big brother that’s how that worked. It’s not Christmas unless there is some guilt.

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