Sanity is a Stitch Away

My Tuesday was spent hand stitching knitted pieces together. I have a rocky relationship with stitching.

When I was little my mom struggled to get my stitches straight. Never took. As an adult I get easily frustrated and impatient. I have a bag filled with partially stitched scraps of fabric. What is it about a line that I can’t conquer. When I embroider its always free form.

Yesterday I grabbed a yarn needle and went to town. It was pure bliss. There is something so strange about yarn? It calms me and I find the strength to endure about any obstacle. It makes me bold.

I am hoping to conquer of a pile of fabric today, dreading-dreading, but its a necessary evil. So my mind is turned to stitching. Thanks to WeHeartIt I found a few images to compliment my state of mind.

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