Be Brave…

In times of struggle a person has a choice, to runaway and put the struggle on hold, or face the fight and be brave. Being brave is hard.

At one time I wanted to be a filmmaker. I was in school. I made films. It was hard. I walked away from all of that worse for the wear. At a time in the world when nothing is certain I had felt that it was better to walk away.

I had a classmate, Rachel, who was a year ahead of me. I remember going to her big screening. I was humbled by her short film. It was full of heart and weeks after seeing it I could not stop boasting about how good it was to my friends.
My senior year I was lucky to have her help on my short animated film. She was so kind and helpful. Remembering that spurred me to look her up.

As luck would have it she is quite prolific on youtube. One video specifically cheered my heart. I hadn’t realized how much I lost when I turned my back on filmmaking until I watched her short candid video about her new years resolutions (that she painted on her nails).
I cannot wipe the smile off my face.

She is so brave. She may not know it but even now after all this time I look up to her.

If you could use a pick me up go on and check out her video!

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