Sight Seeing

Sometimes I fill my morning with such a flurry of projects that I can’t seem to focus on what needs to be done.
I needed to clear my mind. I took a quick break and went sight seeing through Etsy this afternoon.

I’m a nerd. I have many interests but as a shopper I am drawn to something unique, and amusing. The following items were not only charming but I couldn’t help but linger on the page daydreaming.
Perfect remedy for my flustered mind.

mmm-cheeseburger ring from papermache’s shop

handy external hard drive from 8BitMemory’s shop

toasty ring from abeadonawire’s shop

cuddly stump from SteffBomb’s shop

ramen buddy from sleepyrobot13’s shop

budgie shakers from modernfx’s shop

Back to work.

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