Happy Valentines Day

I love this holiday! Thirty-five years ago today my parents were married.
Their marriage is not perfect. It was a long hard road. Let me give you an idea of what 35 years together can mean. My mom and I were on the phone this Thursday she mentions to me in passing:

“Oh, your dad got me some flowers.”
“Aww. That’s nice.”
“I earned these flowers.”

My dad had been taking out some frustration with my mom earlier in the week. So lets just say he did not need to be reminded to pick her up something special for their anniversary. She asked for the reciept just to be sure that her bouquet did not come from a grocery store.
She was 17 when they got married. After a year of marriage she gave birth to my big brother. When she was 23 years old she had two kids and she was living in a crappy apartment on an Air Force Base in Louisiana.
She is right. She has long since earned the right to be pampered.

Fret not. Every Valentines Day my dad cooks. He makes two steaks, baked potatoes, salad with Wishbone dressing and a coke. Strange but true.
That was the meal they had on their wedding night.

If you haven’t already you should stop by nataliedee.com for some comics in honor of Valentines day.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Leslie Czernik says:

    Thirty five years! Wow, tell your parents congrats from LC in Spokane!!

  2. TomMoogy says:

    Hola , Happy Valentines Day!!!

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