Making Shopping Fun

Monday my brother and I went to my favorite store to pick up some groceries.

Whenever I leave the apartment I try to remind myself to bring my own bag. There are a lot of good “eco” reasons to have a reusable bag but I am not that noble. I bring my bag for two reasons, first my bag is a lot wider and sturdier than any paper bag and second I am trying to avoid the look of judgement in the eyes of the other shoppers.

If you’ve ever visited a Trader Joe’s store you know that if you bring your bag you will be offered a little raffle ticket. Which puts your name and number in a raffle for a new reusable bag. Sounds like fun but not really. I do not enjoy the hassle of putting out personal information on a very tiny ticket every week or so knowing full well that I have not nor will I ever win.
I’m a little jaded when it comes to that ticket.

This Monday my cashier offered me a raffle ticket. My brother muttered, “Why bother. We never win.” She was taken a back by the comment.
The cashier turned around and said, “If you want you can have some flowers.” She was referring to the abundant left over Valentine’s roses. We said no but she insisted that we should take our pick.

I always shopped at Trader Joe’s for the great food but the gift of flowers that really melted my heart.
This heart goes out to Trader Joe's
As I reflect on the incident it reminds me of an article by Seth Godin about the power of a gift. He has a point. The gift was not an incentive. The kind actions of one person left an indelible impression of the good people who work at the store.

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