Etsy Update

Last week I experienced a small setback. I had hoped to add a few purses to my store. A couple factors prevented that so I will have change my deadline to this coming weekend.
I am waiting for some supplies that have not arrived. I have been knitting up a storm but every new knitted piece requires some blocking so I have a lot of down time.

I did conduct a few felting experiments this past weekend. I hand felted a pair of itchy wool mittens. They look a lot less like mittens and more like sculptural art pieces (not a bad thing) and a pair of wallets shrunk down in height (not width as I hoped) so they are now the perfect size for lipstick or pencils.
Fun with felting
To add to the chaos of this coming week I will also be taking a trip back home to visit my parents. I can’t wait to see them.
So big update this weekend and I am currently doing some research for a good place to advertise. A daunting task on the internet but I’m still weighing my options.

In the words of the Cars, “shake it up.” Don’t let nobody get in your way.

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