Knit Flix: Casino vs. Whip It

I am obsessed with movies. I have been watching movies since childhood. As a compulsive knitter anytime my hands are free I take up a pair of needles.

Suffice to say I watch a lot of movies which means I knit a lot.

The dilemma that faces me when I go on these knitting jaunts aided only by a new movie is the simple fact that if you don’t watch what you are doing the knitted piece can become riddled with mistakes or quite possible worse you miss a good part of the movie in question.

**These are NOT movie reviews. The following are suggestions for knitters who like to knit to a good movie**

I am hoping to make this review of sorts a weekly feature so for this week I compare the following two movies:
I adore this movie. As I was knitting I could not help but be enveloped in the story thanks in part to the rich dialog and soundtrack. I am prone to putting movies on while I knit in hopes of maintaining a rhythm or pace to my knitting. The movie was quite long though so I took a few necessary breaks to stretch.
still image from Casino
My favorite inspiration from this movie was Sharon Stone’s wardrobe, there is a gold beaded dress that just stops the show.
Great movie for a distracted knitter.

I absolutely adored Whip It. The characters were charming. That said I was completely engrossed by the whole film. At first I knitted a few rows but that did not last long. I think the cast was such a joy that I eventually put down my knitting and laughed my ass off.

Its a great movie but I may have to see this film a few more times before I can be free to knit along.
This movie is too much fun for complex knitting.

*I stumbled onto a great review (of sorts) about Whip It. Check it out if you’re curious about renting the movie.

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