Knit Flix: Glee vs. The West Wing

For the most part I don’t watch TV shows. It was just one bill too many.

I must admit that watching an entire season without commercial interruption is pure joy.


The show is a celebrity in its own right. You can’t open a magazine, go online or purchase music on Itunes without coming across the TV show or one of its many characters.

There are a lot of reasons to watch this show but the only reason I keep putting it back in the dvd player, because I love the campy fun.

The adults speak as if they have come out of a John Water’s movie. This TV show became ingrained in my mind. I could knit along without fear of missing a single stitch.
There is something about combining song, dance and rich campy dialog that just tickle me to the core.

My favorite lines:

“Your resentment is delicious.”
“I was aroused, then furious.”
“Tea time!”
“Josh Groban loves a blowsy alcoholic.”
“Not the children, Sue!”
“Let it be written.”

Much of my own projects were completed to this show. I can’t argue with success.


I took a leap of faith recently. Whenever I logged into Netflix I would recieve these strange recommendations. I started shuffling movies and TV shows I would not usually rent into my queue.
One such TV show was West Wing. The show is absolutely riveting.

The dialog is so good that I am constantly rewinding in order to keep up.
Knitting to this show is impossible. I spent much of my time clutching the needles dumbfounded.

Great show but I would suggest putting the knitting away.

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