Knit Flix:

War of the Worlds vs. Ocean’s Thirteen

This week I thought I’d focus on two movies ladden with leading men. I figured that anyone not interested in either sci-fi or gambling could still enjoy these thanks to all the eye candy.


I love this movie. I do.

I originally read this book in High School and got so scared halfway through that I refused to finish the book. That said I enjoy watching this movie because of the sheer terror I experience.

Something about this movie reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. I think its the score. Either way this is one of my favorite remedies to stress. I put this movie in the dvd player and I feel giddy like a kid getting off of a roller coaster ride.

I knit fast and feverish when this movie is on. I would caution anyone from knitting anything elaborate to this movie. It can be distracting. *Okay I admit that I’ve dropped a few stitches.


This movie is chock full of eye candy. This smart group of gorgeous guys make films fun. I would say that this score is also a lot of fun to have on in the background.

I would voice one word of caution, if you are watching this movie for the first time don’t knit through it. There are a couple of visual gags and at least three little twists that will make you scratch your head if you weren’t paying attention.

As for me I’ve seen this movie so many times that I can knit without harm.

Good times all around.

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