Good Spirits

I woke up this morning absurdly optimistic. I was excited to take out the trash. I giddily washed the dishes. I was feeling a little kooky!

I’ve been sick so long that I forgot what normal feels like. Right now I feel like a domestic goddess.

Oh forgot to mention the best part of this day! Sunlight. For the first time in days the sun is shinning and no rain.

Today is a good day, so I’m gonna give it all I got. I hope you’re feeling the good vibes.

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2 thoughts on “Good Spirits

  1. rachel! says:

    hahaha, i’m glad you’re feeling great today! rock it out.

  2. rxanna says:

    Thanks. Today I was feeling spunky for some reason. Its better than feeling like you have the plague. 😀

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