Its a Good Day!

Good Afternoon!

I am feeling great. It probably helps that the sun is shining bright and the weather is perfect. Arizona has its perks.

I found some images that made my heart melt.

I swear to God this couch is haunting me. The first time I left home I had this exact couch. It was something my Mom saw on the side of the road while driving through our small town. She asked and she got a couch and a matching love seat.

Sadly I passed it on to an ungrateful cousin who actually abandoned the couch when she vacated her own first apartment.

This picture makes me giddy. I loved making an animation. Scratch that. I love creating all the characters and designing the set. I struggled with making the animation, it requires a lot of patience to really do all the shooting and lighting.

Here! I always mention the virtues of visiting We Heart It. One of my favorite places for bookmarks because I am introduced to such grand blogs and artists.

I saw this image and followed the trail to her flickr and her blog. Where else in the world could I have stumbled upon this Russian illustrator? You can see more of her illustrations on flickr and her blog.

Now, I gotta get back to my stitches, I’m busy sewing zippers to pouches.

I hope you have a great evening.

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4 thoughts on “Its a Good Day!

  1. Lakia says:

    This picture is really beautiful… it looks like watercolors maybe

    • rxanna says:

      I think its watercolor…at least that shoulder looks like watercolor.

      Kikoku is a really talented illustrator at such a young age, she’s 15.

  2. Lakia says:

    Whaaaaaa? 15?? That’s crazy talent!! I will definitely be on her page!!!

  3. rachel! says:

    good memories. lovely artist. and fantastic mr. fox? yes, please! that movie was a charm.

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