Clutter Be Gone

Today while I’m not busy celebrating my brother’s birthday I am trying to reign in the clutter that is invading my workspace. In a moment of fury I tore up a scrap of paper bag and created a large pocket protector.

I had been keeping my paint brushes in a squat little container that was eating up space on my desk. I wanted to put my brushes somewhere safe.

Don’t ask me why I thought of a pocket protector. I just started gluing and sewing. Once done I was a little shocked.

Pocket Protector Fun

See how happy the brushes are now that they are tucked away.
Pocket Protector Fun

Pocket Protector Fun

I still have work to do. The clutter was pushed aside for the last photo. Ugh.

*I will be posting more through out this afternoon/evening. Dish a little about my brother.

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