Last Minute Craftiness

Guess who forgot about St. Patrick’s Day?

Every year its the same drill, celebrate the 16th and forget all about the 17th.

Before leaving the apartment I decided to create a quick little greenie.

A pin that would defy all would be pinchers.

Its sloppy, last minute, and fun.
This is how big it is...and that desk is dirty. :(
The project is pretty basic.

Scribble a little four leaf clover on a scrap of paper. Cut a circle out of a non-fraying fabric. *Used a bit of vinyl* Find some green felt and do your best to cut a clover.

I tried pinning the paper to the felt. It was a bit unnecessary. But to each their own.
Dual layer Clover Action...for the BEST luck!

I sewed the felt to the vinyl and glued the pin back to the felt backing. *You don’t need felt backing I was just snatching up bits of fabric and making a general mess.
This is how you can tell its last minute!

Finished Pin
Final Product...little greenie

All told I spent about 20 mins on this sucker. Is it a beauty, eh. The pin is actually meant for the dark of the night. Its a going out pin.

A conversation starter.

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