Knit Flix: John Water Edition

Lately I’ve been obsessed with music. I am either sewing or taking pictures so I have little attention for movies. That said John Waters is the perfect antidote to a busy preoccupied crafter. Two prime examples are the following movies!


This is a great film from my childhood. I so longed to be a hairhopper. I have impossibly straight hair. It does nothing. It merely mocks me. But I digress.

I can’t shake the feeling that this movie is a little to prim and proper for JOhn Waters. I love it. Its gloriously campy but its really quite sweet and of all his films it feels the most repressed.

I think there are two really great things to take away fromt this movie, loving performance of Divine and the great music. My favorite songs: “Foot Stompin'”


I haven’t seen this film in years. This film is hard movie for me to watch. I saw this as a girl. Back then I had a huge crush on Johnny Depp. I had known him from 21 Jump Street (tv show). I thought he was so dreamy. I’ve heard over the years that he had originally jumped at the chance to be in a John Waters film as a way to break his ‘idol image’

When I first saw this movie I was completely blown away. I didn’t think for one second that it was an attempt to blight his old image. I just thought…he is sooooo dreamy. As an adult I can’t help but cringe. I can’t even fathom how my parents could have let me watch it. Its not that its bad its just that it is pulsating with sexual tension. I can’t trust myself to write anymore about it. I have a few images that speak for themselves.

*I didn’t get much work done while Johnny Depp writhed around in his super tight jeans.

I need to get back to work. I have pictures to take and a few silly things planned for Saturday and Sunday!

Goodnight Friday, its been fun!

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