Fear Drives Me

Today I took a break from my normal routine. I sat in front of the tv and watched The Shining.

To know me well is to know that I have a strange fascination with horror movies. It is strange because I am easily scared. Since I was a kid I’ve been prone to having nightmares about movie monsters.

Little scares me now a days. So every now and then I hope that when I put in the dvd I will genuinely get scared. Only about five movies have scared me to the brink of insomnia.
The Shining was one of them.

I mention all of this because the movie put me into such a frenzy that I knitted like I’ve never knitted before. Knitted two wallets and I started a third.

Here’s hoping I will get some sleep tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Fear Drives Me

  1. are you serious? i didn’t know it was scary! my friends have always said that it’s such a good movie and pushing me to watch it. well, now i know, haha. THANK YOUUUUUUU

  2. rxanna says:

    Ha! I think it depends. I have friends who don’t scary easily. I have friends who love gory horror movies and they would find this a good film but not scary at all.

    But me I’m scared of zombies, ghosts and grasshoppers.

    This is a ghost movie. It scares me all the more because I read the book. Which is absolutely terrifying. Any book that can make you scared of a bush…is pretty heavy stuff.

    Add to that the simple fact that I saw this movie as a kid. Its a fear you don’t get over.

    *I did get sleep last night. I’m such a grown up.

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