Up to Date

I’m feeling really guilty. Last month I was blog crazy. On a good day I could post two maybe three times. It was fun. I got into a flow with my writing.
I wanted to keep up that momentum but I need to focus on balance.

I have a shop that is in need of attention. I also have a dog who has no patience for computer usage.
This week I backed off a little bit.

I am hoping by next week I will have my hours all balance out so I can make time for blogging.

Real quick before I go I have some new things in my shop:

First I have new coffee sleeves!
Etsy Shop Update
I love these. They’re a real joy to create.

I also have some lovely new bags. The ivory clutch and red wallet were wonderfully photogenic.
Etsy Shop Update

I’ve got another post planned for later this afternoon about some new sights and sounds.

Hope you have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Up to Date

  1. oh, those clutches are adorable. ohhh, i’m so excited that you’re doing this! they look so good! yayyy!

  2. rxanna says:

    Aww, thank you. I love my little pretties.

    *That’s what I call them. I wish they would fly at my beckoning.


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