Food and a Roof

Today is the day. I have been absent from my blogging duties.

The reason is both complicated and very simple. I have been struggling for some balance between work and blog. Well for a while there work won out.

Besides there is something so sad about having a dog but not having time to play with her. It hit me that I am my own boss. I took the time I usually spent blogging and spent it with her.

She is such a simple creature. There are times when all she wants in the world is for someone to rub her back.

It was time well spent.

Tonight I have some major domestic plans.

#1 – Make a milkshake
I’ve been knitting all day. I’m gonna put the needles away and enjoy a little treat.


#2 – Bake extravaganza
I have gathered all the ingredients for either a cake or chocolate chip cookies.
I just have to choose which.



Tough decision.

My dog will have fun tonight. She hates it when I’m on the computer. She hates when I am knitting.
She loves it when I cook.

It gives her an excuse to run into the kitchen.

I’m off for the night. I hope you had a great weekend. This week I will be busy trying to fill up both my shops with new products!


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3 thoughts on “Food and a Roof

  1. slamdunk says:

    Our dog here is not a big fan of me on the computer either. Enjoy your ‘shake.

  2. rxanna says:

    Aww thanks. I love dogs. They keep my life simple and great!

  3. limewire says:

    lol amazing info dude.

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