The heat in Arizona has overtaken my senses.

With each day I feel more and more like a kid waking up to a summer vacation. What I mean to say is the weather is a distraction.
How can you work when the sun is warm, the sky is clear, and sunset arrives sometime around 8:00 p.m.

I have regressed. I have been putting off work. I have been playing with my dog. I even cracked open a book or two. In the past month alone I have read the following from cover to cover:

The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling ; The Mist by Stephen King ; These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner ; Sarah’s Quilt by Nancy E. Turner ; The Star Garden by Nance E. Turner ; Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

I have also watched four movies in the theater: Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, Letters to Juliet, and Robin Hood.

As a little girl my summer was spent either lying on my stomach glued to a book or seated in a movie theater munching on popcorn.

I can’t explain it but this summer feels like a good one. These small joys are such a relief.

I should mention briefly that my blog is not named Crafty Horror for novelty sake. I do enjoy horror movies. Thus explaining my current Stephen King selections. I am currently reading Stephen King’s The Stand.

Every few years I start the book The Stand. I never finish. This year may just be my year.

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