May Featured Seller

I recently joined a new Etsy team, Etsy Bloggers. I have long admired the group and I am very happy to be a member.

Our featured seller for the month of May is Handmade By Sandi.

She has two very lovely shops but I was particularly taken with this shop. I couldn’t help it.
I love felted bowls.

Sandi is wonderfully talented. If you stop by either Etsy store or better yet her personal website you will find that she has her hand in a little of everything.

To see more about Sandi and her wares visit any of the following:
Blog :: Handmade By Sandi Etsy store :: Sandi’s Stash :: Sandi’s T’s

As luck would have it Sandi is also celebrating her birthday this month.
Everything in her shop is 50% off. So don’t hesitate to take a glimpse at what she has to offer.

On a personal note:
I absolutely adore her coffee cozy. It reminds me of the Kool-Aid commercials from my childhood.
When I saw it I cried out, “Oh Yeah!”


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