Quick One Before I Go

I am enjoying the weekend. I got some work done this week. Next week will be crazy busy for me.

So I thought I’d share real quick a new guilty pleasure.

The Cake Boss tv show on TLC.

I don’t have cable or satellite. I basically watch whatever I can find on the internet. I spend a lot of time on Hulu or Netflix. That said I have been forced outside my comfort zone.
I don’t usually watch something like The Cake Boss. I tread very lightly with reality shows. In fear of watching something truly atrocious.

Fear not. The show is quite charming. Very funny. But more than anything it drives me bananas. For cake that is.

I found a few cake related images. To cheer up the blog. Enjoy.

I LOVE THIS CAKE! I can’t help but belt out this refrain every time I see this image.

And as usual this gem can be seen on Flickr! I love it. There is something so lovely about this painting. It elevates the cupcake. It gives it majesty, makes it regal.

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One thought on “Quick One Before I Go

  1. Tracy says:

    haha – thats one of the best cakes I’ve ever seen. whoever it was for is really lucky

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