New Year

It has been a ritual of mine that every year on my birthday I sleep in late.

This year I woke up early. Given a choice between sleep and coffee I opted for coffee.
While the coffee was brewing I thought about how much I have changed over the years.

I seldom post photos of myself but above is a birthday picture. I love this picture because there on one side of me is my Care Bear and in my hand a She-Ra Princess toy. (I think it was She-Ra’s pink horse)
**I really lived it up in the 80s.**

I spent the last four days sewing, pressing, and stuffing a line of plush toys. A new direction for my shop but I had a really good week if I keep up this momentum my Etsy shop will likely triple in size.

As a little treat for myself I have decided to create myself a hand knit purse. Its a dark purple knit. One whole side is embroidered with the words: LED ZEPPELIN
I have a worn out Zep shirt that needs to be retired so I thought this purse would easily fill in the void.

I will update this Monday with images of my new plush toys. I find it slightly funny that I used to play with plush toys as a child and now I am making them.

This weekend I am going to enjoy a nice break.
Have a great weekend!

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