Strange Days

I am not certain how it happens but one day you look up and you realize that you have lost track of the days.

Much has changed since I last posted to the blog. I gathered up my rabble of knit toys and purses for a December craft show. I was not really certain what would sell.
The last craft show was a harrowing experience. I do not wish that on any crafter.

So I was prepared to keep my guard up. I was not going to let this new crowd get to me. HA! All those worries for nothing. The show was amazing. The vendors were great. We spent a lot of time at the beginning of each day and the end of each day visiting each other’s booths and I am not ashamed to admit I spent a little bit of my hard earned money at their booths.

I had a great response to my toys/dolls. My purses had three different pulls, those interested in the large handbags (the price was a bit of an issue), there was interest in the medium sized bags and all of my tiny bags with zipper pulls sold out!
I was really thrilled. I think the big thing about this show was how sincerely awed the people were over the booth.
I was sharing the booth with a friend and people would crowd around and stop by our booth not once but twice.

It was an empowering experience. I learned a lot at this show.

Since that time I have been working on new techniques, acquiring new yarn, and starting new projects.

I have a lot to show for the time that has passed. I will add some photos of my current works in progress and show some of my finished objects.
I haven’t had the time to update the store but it is hard to rely on the weather for a clear day. Even in AZ.

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