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Shop Update!

I have been working hard to fill up the shop with some new products.

Its been weeks in the making.

Everything in the shop is on sale. I also lowered my shipping for Cyber Monday.

Since I still have a few more items to list later today I will keep my sale going until Tuesday night.

To see more from my shop just click on this link.

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I have a lot of work to do before this day is over. I just thought I should mention that after a very long night I have a new ad for my shop!

The picture is from my new shop mascot! She is about 2 inches tall and an inch wide. She also happens to be a finger puppet.

I have a few coming into the shop this weekend. For now they need some finishing.

Oh my ad can be seen online on one of my favorite blogs, The Dainty Squid. I love visiting her blog. In my younger more rebellious youth I used to browse through antique shops and hunt for awesome vintage wares.

Seeing her thrift finds remind me of those moments.

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I have been busy. For a while now. But that is because I have an itty bitty secret.

I will be in a local craft show in about two weeks.

I have been creating non stop for weeks now. I have been too busy to photography…to blog. I am hoping to fill my little table up with all sorts of awesome new products.

The image above makes me happy. It reminds me of fall.
I have a lot of new goals for this fall. My shops will be going through a transformation.

This week I will be trying to get some photos of all the new items. This weekend I will have a sneak peek for the blog.
Have a great week.

** Both of my shops are currently on vacation until after the craft show. I just won’t have the time to ship anything out. **

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Shop Update

I woke up this morning to a brief moment of clear skies, a rare treat thanks to the monsoon season in AZ, I leapt out of bed and took as many pictures as humanly possible.

It was hilarious. I was a whirling dervish.

I now have a selection of mini-clutches and accent pillows in my shop.

Adding to all of this mayhem I gathered up a few choice items in my Etsy store and put them into a new section, Under 5.00 dollars.


Over at my Big Cartel shop, Rx Knits, I lowered all the prices by 50%. Shocking I know.

It seems drastic but I have a new line of knitted bags coming out. Much more structured and luxurious. I would rather focus on that scale of craftsmanship for the fall.
So these knits are getting a necessary price drop.

Next week just proper blog entries. Thats a promise!

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Etsy Inspiration

I love logging into Etsy. Inspiration is around every corner. I just had to round up my favorite Etsy finds into one lovely treasury: Summer Lovin’

On a personal note, I have much more to do before my shop update. Such as, scurry around and take some product photos.

For now go on over and enjoy the day!

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Around the Bend

This month’s blog carnival is hosted by Rainy Day Art who posed an appropriate question: What are your goals?

I have thought of nothing else for weeks. I am in an uncomfortable position. I love Etsy. I love knitting. I am however struggling to make knitted items that can be marketed every season and items that are affordable.

This struggle has forced me to think realistically about my shops. Which leads me to goals I feel might work.

Start from scratch. This is in reference to my work process which starts out on knitting needles. I want to start each bag from a pattern and that way there are no “OOAK” bags that although unique triple my actual work load.
Wake up early. Each day is a negotiation between how much sleep I ought to get and how much work I can fit into each available hour. Life would be much easier if I just woke up at a decent time.
Take a break. Sometimes I have a lot of stress. As fortune would have it I have taken my hobby and turned it into a business. I need a new hobby.
Stop fighting my desires. I am a filmmaker. I have stories that need to be told. I am currently working on a basic no frills film treatment.
Work like mad. This winter I want to fill up both my shops with knitted goods.

I gotta run.

My parents are coming up to visit me this weekend. I have a lot of cooking planned. This Sunday I will be cooking a feast for Father’s day.

Have a great weekend!

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Shop Update

A new clutch has invaded my shop. I fell in love with this striped wool yarn called Spumoni. (I swear the name tickles me)

It creates a unique pattern that I could neither have planned or replicated.

The colors remind me of spring time and fresh fruit. The dark pink especially reminds me of the meat of a watermelon.

I have a few more knits to load into the shop on Sunday.

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I’m a Bad Bad Girl

I will be filling up this blog with posts all this weekend.
Not trying to make excuses but work is great when you get it.

OKAY last week I was working on a custom item…FUN!

I loved the experience.

I think the project was great because it gave me a much needed push. I can’t explain it but giving me limitations is the best thing for me creatively.
Forces me to think outside my box.

Take for instance this pencil case. For this project I learned a new knitting technique that cut my knitting time down. If there is one thing I can use more of it is time.

I have a new shop update which I will post around lunch time. I hope you had a great week.

I got some inspiration planned for tonight and some fun with food planned for tomorrow!

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Well Hello!

Dearest Apologies,
I have neglected my blogging duties. I have been busy creating three new wallets to donate to a local fundraiser. (more on that later)
I’ve also started a second shop online called Rx Knits.

I’m currently working on a custom item for an Etsy buyer.

So its been a wonderfully busy week.

I did find something that I found bit inspiring and I would love to find the creator of this illustration or at least his or her shop. I love it.

*Many a stressful nights resulted in this sort of shame spiral.

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures I took of my auction items.

I hope you had a great week!

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Sew Much to Do

Sew Little time!

I was so busy sewing today that I didn’t find out until about 4:30 this afternoon that one of my wallets got accepted onto Craft Gawker!

Super excited about that. I labor over my photographs so I am feeling very proud of myself.

I’m sure the feeling will pass. But go on over and check it out while I’m still on the front page!

I am posting my new Knit Flix review tomorrow. I just want to keep up all the finishing before I burn out.

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