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Its a Good Thing

I have been waiting for two weeks for this day! One of my favorite artitsts released his new album.

I love the genuine story behind his album, which he talks about here on his blog.

I love his first single, The Leave Behind. If you go to the album page you can get a preview.

I have been working a frenzy on several projects. I will take some time to get some new photos. For now I am going to enjoy the new music and get to work.

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Cost of Inspiration

I am in the throes of productivity. I am drawing, designing, making patterns and sewing like my life depended on it.

Its a great time but little to no time is spent writing or blogging. I am sorry for the neglect but work is a necessary evil.

That said I have been thinking about how doing what I love has become a larger part of my life than anyone could have anticipated.

Everyone except director Michael Powell and actress Moira Shearer. The Red Shoes is one of my favorite films.

It is a beautiful and tragic film. I have been watching it while I design new patterns. It makes work feel magical.

If you have Netflix you can watch this film online.

I will stop by again this weekend after a proper shop update!

Have a great week!

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Got My Mind on My Money

I happened to see this great design online.


Fitting image for a Friday afternoon! There is something great about seeing good design.
Makes you feel that anything is possible.

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Strange Magic

I love this summer. Just when the heat in Arizona starts getting unbearable the breeze comes.


Whatever happens this week, this month, this summer, just take it as it comes.

I promise it will be fun if not eventful.

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Color My World

Inspiration can come from any place in any form. For me one of my first real sources of inspiration were the paintings of Edward Hopper.

I was obsessed with his color palette and his use of light.


Each painting was a story itching to be told. I felt then and even now that his work had a life of its very own.

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Little Inspiration

I love this small intimate moment.

Today I think is the perfect day for some sketchbook fun.

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Funk Defied

I have been in a strange little funk. Not because of drama, stress, or sickness. Its a simple matter of mood music.

The following albums have entrenched my soul. Everyday is strangely off.

Plan for this weekend: new playlist.

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Quick one before I go

Life is a juggling act. Right now I have more things up in the air than I can handle.

This image reminded me why I even started my blog.


I will be back tomorrow.

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Color My World

I am anxiously awaiting a new supply of yarns. I bought some bright summer colors and I am itching to start using them.

For the time being I have a gathered a few images that remind me of what I have to look forward to.

I also found these great flickr finds, not apart of my color palate but I can’t help sharing them:
this one is a fun illustration and this one is a great pet portrait.

Have a great Saturday!

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Desperately Seeking Beauty

There is a line from my favorite documentary, The September Issue, that goes:

There is a famine of beauty.

I am feeling that.
Until I stumbled upon this photo on my favorite website.

Go visit Julian Meijer Agency site for some really spectacular photographs.

Absolutely beautiful. Look for the image of the blond bangs. Great juxtaposition with the scissors.

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