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I have a feeling that somewhere between my last year and this year I was supposed to grow out of this kind of humor:

Maybe next year I will be too mature to enjoy this. Maybe.

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New Year

It has been a ritual of mine that every year on my birthday I sleep in late.

This year I woke up early. Given a choice between sleep and coffee I opted for coffee.
While the coffee was brewing I thought about how much I have changed over the years.

I seldom post photos of myself but above is a birthday picture. I love this picture because there on one side of me is my Care Bear and in my hand a She-Ra Princess toy. (I think it was She-Ra’s pink horse)
**I really lived it up in the 80s.**

I spent the last four days sewing, pressing, and stuffing a line of plush toys. A new direction for my shop but I had a really good week if I keep up this momentum my Etsy shop will likely triple in size.

As a little treat for myself I have decided to create myself a hand knit purse. Its a dark purple knit. One whole side is embroidered with the words: LED ZEPPELIN
I have a worn out Zep shirt that needs to be retired so I thought this purse would easily fill in the void.

I will update this Monday with images of my new plush toys. I find it slightly funny that I used to play with plush toys as a child and now I am making them.

This weekend I am going to enjoy a nice break.
Have a great weekend!

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Its a New Day

I went away for the weekend. My mom’s birthday was Saturday. She was having a rough week. My brother and I went up to spend the weekend with her.
She was happy so that is all that matters.

I updated my shop with a mixtape pencil case, itty bitty wallets and cute clutches.

I have another update coming up on Thursday. *The shop will be filled with little needle felted pins.

Have a great day. I have work to do. But I’ll be back later tonight with some cute inspiration.

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Remains of the Day

Growing up my brother basically spent a lot of time watching TV, playing video games and getting as far away from me as possible.

Not that I made things easy for him. I tried to tag along as much as I could.

Life is all about the small moments so here are a few.

*My brother and I know the words to the Duck Tales theme song.
Somethings never change.

I hope it was a pleasant day.


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Birthday Cake

It has become the fashion in my family to turn up our nose to birthday cake. I could go into a long explanation but its a health issue.

The idea of eating a sheet of cake covered with butter cream frosting is a very scary headache-inducing problem.

My brother especially doesn’t like cake. I hinted recently that I might make cupcakes. He was not amused. He really hates frosting. If you scraped it off he’d attack the sponge bit.

But I digress. I thought this was the only way to give him something to sink his teeth into, metaphorically.

There is after all no harm in looking. Bon appetite.

The last two are from Cake Wrecks blog. My brother adores that blog.

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Good Morning!

Today is my big brother’s birthday.


As a girl he was my protector. As a teenager he was my confidant. Now a days he’s my best friend. I’m a pretty lucky girl.

Today I’m going to reflect.

Trust me, everyone he’s ever met has fallen prey to his charm. I’m not alone in my adoration. He’s just a sweet genuine guy.

Happy Birthday!

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A Birthday Wish

My birthdays usually come and go with very little much to say other than I got some sleep. I truly doubt that this year will be any different because at the end of the day…I want more sleep.

I did however find something that I want more than sleep. I won’t cry if I don’t get it but I will always want this bag

Etsy bag by Iragrant

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