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Your Not Safe with Me

A year ago I walked away from this blog. I have changed so much I feel as though the person who used to blog was a complete stranger.

Allow me then to introduce my 2012 incarnation, I am Roxanna. I am a knitter. I used to make short films. Life has become a bit of a strange transition from student filmmaker to unemployed knitter.
But this is not a pity party. I am going to start a new path, I am planning on turning this blog into a place for my voice, quite literally. In two words, a podcast. Rather a video podcast.

It’s a strange new world but I figure my path back to filmmaking will be paved with far bigger hurdles than being camera shy.

The podcast will start in a few days. Crafty escapades yet to be told.

Best wishes,

*my dog is all nerves


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Enough is Enough

My best friend and loyal dog, Sophie has given me an ultimatum.

Enough Blogging

Its either her or the blog.

Enough Blogging

Sunday I hardly know you.

Enough Blogging

For now I’m gonna wake Sophie up and take her for a walk.

Blogging commences on Monday.

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Work is for Saturday

I would love to put it off but the task manager, Sofie won’t hear of it.
Task Manager...is feeling anxious

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