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As promised I have few snapshots of my work space.

The photos don’t really capture the craft anarchy.

I didn’t want to broadcast my mess.

I have been having fun the last three weeks discovering new techniques and playing with new yarn. This week I complete a few dolls to post online and start sewing linings and totes (more on that later).

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Morning Horror

I know I said I would start out with Blood Simple but it was not meant to be, Netflix took it off-line on Oct. 1, I will have to postpone until next week.

I must stress that some films do not age well.

Take for instance, The Lost Boys.

As a kid this movie gave me nightmares. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration. I was afraid of my window. Weird? Vampires linger outside of windows…ever close to gaining entrance to your home.

That is a trip for any kid afraid of her own shadow.

I had held this movie up as a cult icon. Boy was I wrong.

The vampire phenomenom is not my thing. I like a good zombie flick. The vampires are all touchy feely. I don’t need the drama. I want to see a horror movie for the action not for the melodramatic close ups.

An enjoyable turn of events is how all the male vampires seem to be really into non-vampire guys.
The guys had some pretty steamy chemistry.

***The title is a misnomer…no horror today, just vampires vamping it up.l***

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A Must See

I have been patiently waiting all summer for the movie Inception to release into theatres.

Lucky for me the release date was this Friday.

I had a few misgivings about the nature the story. Concerns that melted away after the first 4 minutes.

I spent the rest of the film in a state of taut suspense. I was so caught up in the movie that I was getting dizzy with panic.
There just didn’t seem to be enough time.

Which is amusing because the film is a little on the long side. Which was hard to believe since it all went by so fast.

I highly recommend the movie because it was far better than anything seen in the trailers.

I really didn’t want the film to end.

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New Year

It has been a ritual of mine that every year on my birthday I sleep in late.

This year I woke up early. Given a choice between sleep and coffee I opted for coffee.
While the coffee was brewing I thought about how much I have changed over the years.

I seldom post photos of myself but above is a birthday picture. I love this picture because there on one side of me is my Care Bear and in my hand a She-Ra Princess toy. (I think it was She-Ra’s pink horse)
**I really lived it up in the 80s.**

I spent the last four days sewing, pressing, and stuffing a line of plush toys. A new direction for my shop but I had a really good week if I keep up this momentum my Etsy shop will likely triple in size.

As a little treat for myself I have decided to create myself a hand knit purse. Its a dark purple knit. One whole side is embroidered with the words: LED ZEPPELIN
I have a worn out Zep shirt that needs to be retired so I thought this purse would easily fill in the void.

I will update this Monday with images of my new plush toys. I find it slightly funny that I used to play with plush toys as a child and now I am making them.

This weekend I am going to enjoy a nice break.
Have a great weekend!

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Around the Bend

This month’s blog carnival is hosted by Rainy Day Art who posed an appropriate question: What are your goals?

I have thought of nothing else for weeks. I am in an uncomfortable position. I love Etsy. I love knitting. I am however struggling to make knitted items that can be marketed every season and items that are affordable.

This struggle has forced me to think realistically about my shops. Which leads me to goals I feel might work.

Start from scratch. This is in reference to my work process which starts out on knitting needles. I want to start each bag from a pattern and that way there are no “OOAK” bags that although unique triple my actual work load.
Wake up early. Each day is a negotiation between how much sleep I ought to get and how much work I can fit into each available hour. Life would be much easier if I just woke up at a decent time.
Take a break. Sometimes I have a lot of stress. As fortune would have it I have taken my hobby and turned it into a business. I need a new hobby.
Stop fighting my desires. I am a filmmaker. I have stories that need to be told. I am currently working on a basic no frills film treatment.
Work like mad. This winter I want to fill up both my shops with knitted goods.

I gotta run.

My parents are coming up to visit me this weekend. I have a lot of cooking planned. This Sunday I will be cooking a feast for Father’s day.

Have a great weekend!

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Strange Magic

I love this summer. Just when the heat in Arizona starts getting unbearable the breeze comes.


Whatever happens this week, this month, this summer, just take it as it comes.

I promise it will be fun if not eventful.

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The Battle Begins

The plates are all caked in muck. The bottom of all the cups are discolored. The pots are coated in film.

The kitchen is an utter mess.


Two things are certain in this situation. First…once one pile starts another soon will follow.

Second. A mere glimpse of this messy kitchen will dampen all of your hopes.

I used to wake up excited to make a fresh pot of coffee. Lately I am reluctant to start a pot in fear that I will have to move a pile.

Yesterday I spent a few hours just washing dishes. I had to soak a few things.

With clean counters and empty sinks I can’t help but feel like this is a temporary reprieve.

So now the challenge begins. Can I keep it up?

Honestly. I don’t know. But its worth a shot.

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Good Visit

My recent trip to my parent’s house left me with a single quirky memory.

One sweltering afternoon I asked my mom if she could make me a snack. I was trying to keep my dog cooped up in my bedroom.

*My very young cousins were playing in the living room. The last thing you want to do is put a nervous Chihuahua in that room. Things could get snippy.

My mom came back into the room with her hands filled. In one hand she held up a glass containing scoops of ice cream. In the other a can of Coke.

I haven’t had a float in years. It was awesome. I don’t even know why she thought of that as a snack.

So when things start to get a little too hot to handle just indulge yourself with a nice cool treat.
Totally worth it.

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Aww Nerds!

Every now and then I stare at my dog and wonder…what is her deal?

Yes she is cute. Hell, she is gorgeous. But she’s also very weird.

Which brings me to this comic:


For more awesome comics check out Natalie Dee’s website.

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Take a Leap

I used to be obsessed with movies. I was a student filmmaker. Movies were my bread and butter. My sustenance.

Now a days I have little to no investment. Take for instance, Sex and the City 2.

In my other life I would have scoured the internet in search of my favorite movie critics. I was so easily shaped by the opinions of others.

This past weekend I went to go see Sex and the City 2. Did I read any reviews? No.
After having watched the movie I went to go look up a proper review. It was quite cruel. I have my own opinion about this movie but I do not feel that those sort of reviews were appropriate.

I will say this, the movie was not a contender for an Oscar. There was one moment in the film that was remarkably honest and it was a great scene.

My suggestion for this summer.
If you want to see a movie, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

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