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As promised I have few snapshots of my work space.

The photos don’t really capture the craft anarchy.

I didn’t want to broadcast my mess.

I have been having fun the last three weeks discovering new techniques and playing with new yarn. This week I complete a few dolls to post online and start sewing linings and totes (more on that later).

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Around the Bend

This month’s blog carnival is hosted by Rainy Day Art who posed an appropriate question: What are your goals?

I have thought of nothing else for weeks. I am in an uncomfortable position. I love Etsy. I love knitting. I am however struggling to make knitted items that can be marketed every season and items that are affordable.

This struggle has forced me to think realistically about my shops. Which leads me to goals I feel might work.

Start from scratch. This is in reference to my work process which starts out on knitting needles. I want to start each bag from a pattern and that way there are no “OOAK” bags that although unique triple my actual work load.
Wake up early. Each day is a negotiation between how much sleep I ought to get and how much work I can fit into each available hour. Life would be much easier if I just woke up at a decent time.
Take a break. Sometimes I have a lot of stress. As fortune would have it I have taken my hobby and turned it into a business. I need a new hobby.
Stop fighting my desires. I am a filmmaker. I have stories that need to be told. I am currently working on a basic no frills film treatment.
Work like mad. This winter I want to fill up both my shops with knitted goods.

I gotta run.

My parents are coming up to visit me this weekend. I have a lot of cooking planned. This Sunday I will be cooking a feast for Father’s day.

Have a great weekend!

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The Battle Begins

The plates are all caked in muck. The bottom of all the cups are discolored. The pots are coated in film.

The kitchen is an utter mess.


Two things are certain in this situation. First…once one pile starts another soon will follow.

Second. A mere glimpse of this messy kitchen will dampen all of your hopes.

I used to wake up excited to make a fresh pot of coffee. Lately I am reluctant to start a pot in fear that I will have to move a pile.

Yesterday I spent a few hours just washing dishes. I had to soak a few things.

With clean counters and empty sinks I can’t help but feel like this is a temporary reprieve.

So now the challenge begins. Can I keep it up?

Honestly. I don’t know. But its worth a shot.

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Quick One Before I Go

I am enjoying the weekend. I got some work done this week. Next week will be crazy busy for me.

So I thought I’d share real quick a new guilty pleasure.

The Cake Boss tv show on TLC.

I don’t have cable or satellite. I basically watch whatever I can find on the internet. I spend a lot of time on Hulu or Netflix. That said I have been forced outside my comfort zone.
I don’t usually watch something like The Cake Boss. I tread very lightly with reality shows. In fear of watching something truly atrocious.

Fear not. The show is quite charming. Very funny. But more than anything it drives me bananas. For cake that is.

I found a few cake related images. To cheer up the blog. Enjoy.

I LOVE THIS CAKE! I can’t help but belt out this refrain every time I see this image.

And as usual this gem can be seen on Flickr! I love it. There is something so lovely about this painting. It elevates the cupcake. It gives it majesty, makes it regal.

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Good Visit

My recent trip to my parent’s house left me with a single quirky memory.

One sweltering afternoon I asked my mom if she could make me a snack. I was trying to keep my dog cooped up in my bedroom.

*My very young cousins were playing in the living room. The last thing you want to do is put a nervous Chihuahua in that room. Things could get snippy.

My mom came back into the room with her hands filled. In one hand she held up a glass containing scoops of ice cream. In the other a can of Coke.

I haven’t had a float in years. It was awesome. I don’t even know why she thought of that as a snack.

So when things start to get a little too hot to handle just indulge yourself with a nice cool treat.
Totally worth it.

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Delicious Misadventures

I would apologize for my recent disappearance but I had too much fun.

As it stands my relationship with my parents has been nothing more than a few phone calls every week or so.

This month alone I’ve visited with them twice. It was good. I really missed them.

But I digress. I have a new infatuation. It is delicious as well as a little fattening but once you taste it you forgive each calorie.

I recently bought a scone on at my favorite Trader Joe’s.

recipe for the above Strawberry Scones

Here are a few inspirational images I rounded up on Flickr, I warn you they will make your mouth water:
Afternoon Tea :: Scones :: Breakfast with Jam

These scones just melt away the afternoon stress. Go on and indulge yourself.
It is worth it.

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Food for Thought

I love my dog Sophie. She is a little neurotic. She’s likely to whine if she doesn’t get her way. And like all nervous dogs she barks at every little sound.

That said my favorite quirk is how she eats.

Allow me to explain.
She eats dry dog food. She uses her nose to shuffle through her bowl in search of a single perfect kernel. She carries the said kernel tenderly.
She promptly wanders over to me.
It is not until she can see me clearly that she start to crunch down on her tasty morsel.

It is as though she is talking with her mouth full.

Seeing her like this always makes me laugh.

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Did a Bad Bad Thing

I stayed up too late last night. Didn’t go to bed until 4am.
Its been like this for over a week.

This morning I didn’t make any coffee. So that tonight I will go to bed at a decent hour. Ugh.
I honestly can’t think straight. I just want a sip of piping hot coffee.


*Long night is ahead of me. Got work to do and no caffeinated induced patience to keep me company.

Tomorrow there will be coffee. Let it be written.

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Food and a Roof

Today is the day. I have been absent from my blogging duties.

The reason is both complicated and very simple. I have been struggling for some balance between work and blog. Well for a while there work won out.

Besides there is something so sad about having a dog but not having time to play with her. It hit me that I am my own boss. I took the time I usually spent blogging and spent it with her.

She is such a simple creature. There are times when all she wants in the world is for someone to rub her back.

It was time well spent.

Tonight I have some major domestic plans.

#1 – Make a milkshake
I’ve been knitting all day. I’m gonna put the needles away and enjoy a little treat.


#2 – Bake extravaganza
I have gathered all the ingredients for either a cake or chocolate chip cookies.
I just have to choose which.



Tough decision.

My dog will have fun tonight. She hates it when I’m on the computer. She hates when I am knitting.
She loves it when I cook.

It gives her an excuse to run into the kitchen.

I’m off for the night. I hope you had a great weekend. This week I will be busy trying to fill up both my shops with new products!


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Color My World

I am anxiously awaiting a new supply of yarns. I bought some bright summer colors and I am itching to start using them.

For the time being I have a gathered a few images that remind me of what I have to look forward to.

I also found these great flickr finds, not apart of my color palate but I can’t help sharing them:
this one is a fun illustration and this one is a great pet portrait.

Have a great Saturday!

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