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Got My Mind on My Money

I happened to see this great design online.


Fitting image for a Friday afternoon! There is something great about seeing good design.
Makes you feel that anything is possible.

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Knit Flix: John Water Edition

Lately I’ve been obsessed with music. I am either sewing or taking pictures so I have little attention for movies. That said John Waters is the perfect antidote to a busy preoccupied crafter. Two prime examples are the following movies!


This is a great film from my childhood. I so longed to be a hairhopper. I have impossibly straight hair. It does nothing. It merely mocks me. But I digress.

I can’t shake the feeling that this movie is a little to prim and proper for JOhn Waters. I love it. Its gloriously campy but its really quite sweet and of all his films it feels the most repressed.

I think there are two really great things to take away fromt this movie, loving performance of Divine and the great music. My favorite songs: “Foot Stompin'”


I haven’t seen this film in years. This film is hard movie for me to watch. I saw this as a girl. Back then I had a huge crush on Johnny Depp. I had known him from 21 Jump Street (tv show). I thought he was so dreamy. I’ve heard over the years that he had originally jumped at the chance to be in a John Waters film as a way to break his ‘idol image’

When I first saw this movie I was completely blown away. I didn’t think for one second that it was an attempt to blight his old image. I just thought…he is sooooo dreamy. As an adult I can’t help but cringe. I can’t even fathom how my parents could have let me watch it. Its not that its bad its just that it is pulsating with sexual tension. I can’t trust myself to write anymore about it. I have a few images that speak for themselves.

*I didn’t get much work done while Johnny Depp writhed around in his super tight jeans.

I need to get back to work. I have pictures to take and a few silly things planned for Saturday and Sunday!

Goodnight Friday, its been fun!

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Lovely Friday…

Just watched two very good films. I felt as though I had fallen in love.

Ciaran Hinds in Persuasion

Ciaran Hinds in Persuasion

Not once but twice. Leaving me giddy and happy with all the world. You can’t fault a movie for being a joy…but what good is my opinion if I can’t share these two delights with the world.
First is the film Persuasion, made in 1995 it is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s book of the same name. As is her usual custom Ms. Austen’s men (the noble and the wicked) make for great eye candy.

The second film is A Star is Born.

Judy Garland from  A Star is Born

Judy Garland from A Star is Born

I assumed many things about this movie prior to seeing it. Growing up post-Lolita (Kubrick’s film) I have never quite warmed to James Mason. I’m sorry to say that I thought that it would be impossible to find James Mason either attractive nor as equal suited to Judy.
James Mason as Norman Maine in A Star is Born

James Mason as Norman Maine in A Star is Born

I could not be more wrong. His love for her, the charm of his courtship…its undeniable. To love this movie is to also love Norman Maine.
If that is not persuasive enough the music, the songs will stop you in their tracks. There is nothing quite so lovely as “The Man that Got Away.”

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