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Fear Drives Me

Today I took a break from my normal routine. I sat in front of the tv and watched The Shining.

To know me well is to know that I have a strange fascination with horror movies. It is strange because I am easily scared. Since I was a kid I’ve been prone to having nightmares about movie monsters.

Little scares me now a days. So every now and then I hope that when I put in the dvd I will genuinely get scared. Only about five movies have scared me to the brink of insomnia.
The Shining was one of them.

I mention all of this because the movie put me into such a frenzy that I knitted like I’ve never knitted before. Knitted two wallets and I started a third.

Here’s hoping I will get some sleep tonight.

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Quick Etsy Shop Update

I keep mentioning my shop in passing. Right now I’ve got a few knits waiting for some finishing details. They’ll be ready for the shop come Monday.

Such as this little cutie right here:

Quick Sneak Peek on my blog

For now the shop is being invaded by coffee cozies like this:

The plan is to churn out a couple of these everyday for the next few days.
I wish there were more hours in the day. Oh well it is what it is.

Well now I’ve got a roast to cook and maybe just maybe some mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and yams.

Have a great evening.

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Sorry. I just saw Reptar online and kind of freaked out.

I used to watch Rugrats, all the time. I always wanted a Reptar bar. They’re little chocolate Reptars. Whenever Tommy Pickles would eat one green gunk would pool at the corners of his mouth.

I may in fact think about food too much.

So be it.

I’m a nerd who craves sugar. I dig it the most.

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Last Looks

Good evening. Today has been great. The night will be better.

Surrender to these last images. May they serve you well.


Goodnight Saturday its been grand!

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Thursday Rush

I was so busy trying to update the shop I completely ignored the blog.

I have much more in store for Friday.

Sleep well.

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Time to Refocus

Some days are better than others. Today was not my day. I feel very small.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to feeling stressed out. That said I scoured my favorite site for some inspiration.

Its time to refocus.

Goodnight Wednesday. I wish you well.

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Knit Flix: John Water Edition

Lately I’ve been obsessed with music. I am either sewing or taking pictures so I have little attention for movies. That said John Waters is the perfect antidote to a busy preoccupied crafter. Two prime examples are the following movies!


This is a great film from my childhood. I so longed to be a hairhopper. I have impossibly straight hair. It does nothing. It merely mocks me. But I digress.

I can’t shake the feeling that this movie is a little to prim and proper for JOhn Waters. I love it. Its gloriously campy but its really quite sweet and of all his films it feels the most repressed.

I think there are two really great things to take away fromt this movie, loving performance of Divine and the great music. My favorite songs: “Foot Stompin'”


I haven’t seen this film in years. This film is hard movie for me to watch. I saw this as a girl. Back then I had a huge crush on Johnny Depp. I had known him from 21 Jump Street (tv show). I thought he was so dreamy. I’ve heard over the years that he had originally jumped at the chance to be in a John Waters film as a way to break his ‘idol image’

When I first saw this movie I was completely blown away. I didn’t think for one second that it was an attempt to blight his old image. I just thought…he is sooooo dreamy. As an adult I can’t help but cringe. I can’t even fathom how my parents could have let me watch it. Its not that its bad its just that it is pulsating with sexual tension. I can’t trust myself to write anymore about it. I have a few images that speak for themselves.

*I didn’t get much work done while Johnny Depp writhed around in his super tight jeans.

I need to get back to work. I have pictures to take and a few silly things planned for Saturday and Sunday!

Goodnight Friday, its been fun!

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Best Laid Plans

I am a little out of sorts today. I woke up early. Spent the morning sewing and ironing. I have five new goodies to upload onto Etsy.

But by 3:00 I burned out. I have been lost on the internet. I just was not in the mood to play. I kept thinking about sewing, knitting, felting. I am just consumed by it all.

I need a break. I need something, I think I’m gonna take the dog for a late night walk and then play fetch (indoor) for a few hours.
Clear my head.

Tomorrow I promise a new Knit Flix post and some pictures of a few new goodies I’ve created and I thought up a club I want to start (hint: its the best part of the day).


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Last Minute Craftiness

Guess who forgot about St. Patrick’s Day?

Every year its the same drill, celebrate the 16th and forget all about the 17th.

Before leaving the apartment I decided to create a quick little greenie.

A pin that would defy all would be pinchers.

Its sloppy, last minute, and fun.
This is how big it is...and that desk is dirty. :(
The project is pretty basic.

Scribble a little four leaf clover on a scrap of paper. Cut a circle out of a non-fraying fabric. *Used a bit of vinyl* Find some green felt and do your best to cut a clover.

I tried pinning the paper to the felt. It was a bit unnecessary. But to each their own.
Dual layer Clover Action...for the BEST luck!

I sewed the felt to the vinyl and glued the pin back to the felt backing. *You don’t need felt backing I was just snatching up bits of fabric and making a general mess.
This is how you can tell its last minute!

Finished Pin
Final Product...little greenie

All told I spent about 20 mins on this sucker. Is it a beauty, eh. The pin is actually meant for the dark of the night. Its a going out pin.

A conversation starter.

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Remains of the Day

Growing up my brother basically spent a lot of time watching TV, playing video games and getting as far away from me as possible.

Not that I made things easy for him. I tried to tag along as much as I could.

Life is all about the small moments so here are a few.

*My brother and I know the words to the Duck Tales theme song.
Somethings never change.

I hope it was a pleasant day.


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