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Classy Horror

Sometimes children are creepy. Especially if the children drive their nannies to suicide and cause baboons to attack.

Which brings me to The Omen.

The first time I saw this film I was sure that it would be cheesy and unmemorable.

Boy was I wrong.

The film reminded me of my days of babysitting. I remember the tantrums. The cacophony of screams and babbles. I remember how my body ached to be free from the children.

I remember all of these things because the most significant element of this film is how neither parent is able to bond with their child. He becomes alien to them.

I could sympathize. I didn’t always have a bond to the children.

The horrific things that happen in the film feel plausible. What I mean to suggest is that you could easily watch this film from the view point that both parents are loosing their minds.

What if the child is a healthy normal child of no dark origins. In that instance this film would represent the story of a crumbling family.

It is that doubt that eats away at Gregory Peck’s character. His struggle is what really gives weight to this story. He loves his son.

There are some utterly frightening moments that give this film immediacy.

Take for instance Mrs. Baylock. Her performance was amazing. Somewhere between her clipped responses and her deep voice lurks pure evil.

This is a fantastic movie.

If you want to really question your faith you can look up the story of the making of the movie.

Or watch the documentary on the collector’s disc. There were a lot of ‘fatalities’ and accidents that befell the creators of this film.

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Horror-filled Weekend

I am pressed for time. I have a lot of work, a lot of prep, and a lot of deadlines coming up.

Which is to say I will be watching a lot of movies. I will make time for a few TV shows like say: Project Runway, The Rachel Zoe Project, South Park, Pushing Daisies and Hell’s Kitchen.

But the thing I am most excited about are the horror movies. I have a lot of movies lined up on my Netflix queue.

Gotta admit I’m kind of scared.

I like horror movies. I prefer to rewatch the classics for Halloween but…I am a little terrified of foreign films.

American horror movies are predictable. For me I can glean very little enjoyment out of American films. Its the foreign films that scare the crap out of me.

I think the loss in translation has little to do with it. Truly successful horror movies…could scare you without dialogue…so I would say that foreign filmmakers are fearless when it comes to what is put on screen.

For now I want to focus on one of my few favorite American thrillers:

Blood Simple

The movie was not what I thought. The director’s, Coen brothers, have a special place in my heart. They carve out humor in the most surprising places and they can build terror into the mundane of settings.

This film was for me reminiscent of Hitchcock. What startled me is how realistic it felt.

The characters in this movie are ordinary and without charm. Initially I could not relate to them. There is a catalyst. And one character has to make a difficult choice.

What happens in the aftermath is pure chaos.

It is a truly bittersweet journey to the end of the movie.

I could not help but think that this film was most disturbing because it feels as though it could happen now. It is as though you read about this same incident in a newspaper.

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Break Some Rules

Netflix makes some good movies suggestions from time to time the best suggestions by far have been the high rating for both Dexter and Lost. I could not have agreed more with those reviews.

Their choice in horror movies have not been as helpful.

Either way each new selection is a bit of a hit or a miss. Which brings me to this movie, Carriers.

The basic structure of this movie is that people get infected, bleed out slowly and die in a feverish state. The film was hard for me to negotiate because the basic situations are too similar to 28 Days Later (awesome Danny Boyle movie).

The problem I have is two fold. One I don’t care about any of the people. Even the sick child, that later gets abandoned, the story makes time for no one so it is impossible to identify or feel sympathetic to anyone.

Second I love some apocalyptic films because by the end of the movie I appreciate my own life a little bit more.

This movie was dreary and it felt awkward to watch this band of survivors knowing that I would not have chosen these people to be the future (that is to say if they survive at all).

I didn’t find the film horrific. True there is gore. There is a creepy factor due to seeing bloody people lunge at the camera but all of this is amounts to cheap tricks.

I need to feel the fear in the dark of the night. I need to know that I won’t sleep soundly for a few days.

For now I have work to attend.

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Morning Horror

I know I said I would start out with Blood Simple but it was not meant to be, Netflix took it off-line on Oct. 1, I will have to postpone until next week.

I must stress that some films do not age well.

Take for instance, The Lost Boys.

As a kid this movie gave me nightmares. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration. I was afraid of my window. Weird? Vampires linger outside of windows…ever close to gaining entrance to your home.

That is a trip for any kid afraid of her own shadow.

I had held this movie up as a cult icon. Boy was I wrong.

The vampire phenomenom is not my thing. I like a good zombie flick. The vampires are all touchy feely. I don’t need the drama. I want to see a horror movie for the action not for the melodramatic close ups.

An enjoyable turn of events is how all the male vampires seem to be really into non-vampire guys.
The guys had some pretty steamy chemistry.

***The title is a misnomer…no horror today, just vampires vamping it up.l***

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Life is not, what not

At one time I had a very active blog. I have made a big change and have become more productive with my knitting and sewing.

Sure I blog less but that loss of time has resulted in some very good things, take for instance these works in progress:

These are just sneak peeks. There are several new items going up in my shop this Friday.
New photo shoot tonight…endless hours editing for Thursday.

I am very excited about October. I have a few new goals for the blog.

I figure instead of saying I am busy I should show what I am currently working on, like above, and I also miss talking about movies on this blog.

I love October.
Every year I spend the whole month watching horror films. Some people like roller coaster rides or skydiving me I just need a quick jolt of fear and I feel right as rain.

The blog isn’t named crafty horror for nothing.

I will be going through cheesy cult horror films, foreign frights, and gory flicks through out the month.

My first film will be my favorite Coen brother’s movie, Blood Simple.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
FACT: Most of my blog titles are lines from movies. This one is from Sixteen Candles.

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Have a Crafty Horror Halloween

Didn’t get a pumpkin this year…for the most obvious reason.
Wishing You a Gory Halloween!
Hope you enjoy a horrific Halloween. I’m off to watch some gore and silliness.
Be safe, zombies love the dark.

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Burning the Midnight Oil

Goodnight to all the unfinished work…we will be seeing you in the morning.

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Focusing on the Good Things in Life

Every now and then I become caught up in my own disappointments such as bills, work, family and friends. In that state of mind I loose heart quite easily and become a hollow shell. Its an old habit I picked up as a child. A rich imaginary world where no harm could come to me.
As an adult its easy to fall back into this world and take from it the bones of a good story. Strange as that may sound the worst things that have ever happened to me in this life have helped feed my creativity and there is seldom a loss that can shake my foundation.

I’ve been poor. Been bullied. I’ve failed miserably at more things than I’d like.
As child when I used to fear the dark of night not sure if I should see the morning always worried that a monster would rip through my bed (thanks Freddie for that imagery). As an adult I’ve laid in bed thinking what if those monsters were true? What if I wake up to Freddie and his absurd shear-like fingers, what would I do?

Gotta tell you that if I do ever have the pleasure of meeting him in the dark of my bedroom at least then I don’t have to worry about those damn bills.
That thought alone gets me to sleep. There is a up side to everything.

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Technology…bane of my existence

OMG. Forgive me. I hate to rant but I have toiled much of this day because of some tech update on a website (need not be mentioned) because the site’s update basically led me to this new fact, google chrome (my preferred web browser) has a flash related flaw.

The loss of time, patience has only added to my already dampened hopes concerning this Halloween.
I feel lost in the southwest. Fall is neither particularly cold or colorful in the desert. Hardy vegetation don’t change colors they persist. The sky is as cloudless and bright blue as it is in the summer.
I remember as a girl going to trick or treat on such cold nights. My mother wouldn’t let me leave the house unless I wore a coat over my costume.

Like all things in my life this moment of anger and frustration is deeply rooted in my own personal limitations.
I want to move. Live a life outside of the limits of this southwestern town.
Of course my tech issues may follow me where ever I go. But you can’t have everything.

***36 mins spent trying to find a photo to put in this post. Please excuse, I am done toiling.***
Until tomorrow, my best.

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Spreading Zombie Love

My favorite zombie doll, featured above in my blogs banner, is now hitting up all my favorite sites as my current avatar.
Crafty Horror revisited
I can’t help but think that she’s appropriate for this time of the year.
You can spot her at the following, Cut Out + Keep, Crafty Horror shop, also on Instructables site.

It seems strange to mention my pages on different sites but I am trying to stretch my reach and I am thinking that it never hurts to make connections.
Until later, rx.

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