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Its a Good Thing

I have been waiting for two weeks for this day! One of my favorite artitsts released his new album.

I love the genuine story behind his album, which he talks about here on his blog.

I love his first single, The Leave Behind. If you go to the album page you can get a preview.

I have been working a frenzy on several projects. I will take some time to get some new photos. For now I am going to enjoy the new music and get to work.

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As promised I have few snapshots of my work space.

The photos don’t really capture the craft anarchy.

I didn’t want to broadcast my mess.

I have been having fun the last three weeks discovering new techniques and playing with new yarn. This week I complete a few dolls to post online and start sewing linings and totes (more on that later).

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Classy Horror

Sometimes children are creepy. Especially if the children drive their nannies to suicide and cause baboons to attack.

Which brings me to The Omen.

The first time I saw this film I was sure that it would be cheesy and unmemorable.

Boy was I wrong.

The film reminded me of my days of babysitting. I remember the tantrums. The cacophony of screams and babbles. I remember how my body ached to be free from the children.

I remember all of these things because the most significant element of this film is how neither parent is able to bond with their child. He becomes alien to them.

I could sympathize. I didn’t always have a bond to the children.

The horrific things that happen in the film feel plausible. What I mean to suggest is that you could easily watch this film from the view point that both parents are loosing their minds.

What if the child is a healthy normal child of no dark origins. In that instance this film would represent the story of a crumbling family.

It is that doubt that eats away at Gregory Peck’s character. His struggle is what really gives weight to this story. He loves his son.

There are some utterly frightening moments that give this film immediacy.

Take for instance Mrs. Baylock. Her performance was amazing. Somewhere between her clipped responses and her deep voice lurks pure evil.

This is a fantastic movie.

If you want to really question your faith you can look up the story of the making of the movie.

Or watch the documentary on the collector’s disc. There were a lot of ‘fatalities’ and accidents that befell the creators of this film.

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Life is not, what not

At one time I had a very active blog. I have made a big change and have become more productive with my knitting and sewing.

Sure I blog less but that loss of time has resulted in some very good things, take for instance these works in progress:

These are just sneak peeks. There are several new items going up in my shop this Friday.
New photo shoot tonight…endless hours editing for Thursday.

I am very excited about October. I have a few new goals for the blog.

I figure instead of saying I am busy I should show what I am currently working on, like above, and I also miss talking about movies on this blog.

I love October.
Every year I spend the whole month watching horror films. Some people like roller coaster rides or skydiving me I just need a quick jolt of fear and I feel right as rain.

The blog isn’t named crafty horror for nothing.

I will be going through cheesy cult horror films, foreign frights, and gory flicks through out the month.

My first film will be my favorite Coen brother’s movie, Blood Simple.

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FACT: Most of my blog titles are lines from movies. This one is from Sixteen Candles.

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I have a feeling that somewhere between my last year and this year I was supposed to grow out of this kind of humor:

Maybe next year I will be too mature to enjoy this. Maybe.

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Strange Magic

I love this summer. Just when the heat in Arizona starts getting unbearable the breeze comes.


Whatever happens this week, this month, this summer, just take it as it comes.

I promise it will be fun if not eventful.

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Quick One Before I Go

I am enjoying the weekend. I got some work done this week. Next week will be crazy busy for me.

So I thought I’d share real quick a new guilty pleasure.

The Cake Boss tv show on TLC.

I don’t have cable or satellite. I basically watch whatever I can find on the internet. I spend a lot of time on Hulu or Netflix. That said I have been forced outside my comfort zone.
I don’t usually watch something like The Cake Boss. I tread very lightly with reality shows. In fear of watching something truly atrocious.

Fear not. The show is quite charming. Very funny. But more than anything it drives me bananas. For cake that is.

I found a few cake related images. To cheer up the blog. Enjoy.

I LOVE THIS CAKE! I can’t help but belt out this refrain every time I see this image.

And as usual this gem can be seen on Flickr! I love it. There is something so lovely about this painting. It elevates the cupcake. It gives it majesty, makes it regal.

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Aww Nerds!

Every now and then I stare at my dog and wonder…what is her deal?

Yes she is cute. Hell, she is gorgeous. But she’s also very weird.

Which brings me to this comic:


For more awesome comics check out Natalie Dee’s website.

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Enjoy Yourself

I had a great weekend. Working from home may have its odd quirks. Like working in pajamas. Being your own boss. But there is one marked down side.
I miss interacting. I miss talking to someone else.

I got a chance to meet up with one of my very busy, very talented friends. It was great.


Seeing her reminded me that it is important to make time for yourself.

Take a break. For an hour. Catch up with an old friend. It will be worth it.
Trust me.

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Relish the Past

I always loved toiling over a copy machine.


In high school I was a nerd. My school was sadly deficient of electives. So I spent two years as a library aid. I really loved the job.
I was the sassy aid who got assigned copy duties for all the classes that stopped by the library.

I loved taking my time and pushing the students to the edge of their patience.

One of my first jobs I worked for a professor. I spent a small fraction of my time using the copy machine.

I realized then that I did not love the act of copying. I was in love with the independence.

The machine was at my mercy. I may have been on a little power trip back then.

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