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Etsy Inspiration

I love logging into Etsy. Inspiration is around every corner. I just had to round up my favorite Etsy finds into one lovely treasury: Summer Lovin’

On a personal note, I have much more to do before my shop update. Such as, scurry around and take some product photos.

For now go on over and enjoy the day!

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It’s a Heat Wave

These last couple of days have been unsettling. I mean the weather in Arizona. The sudden heat was a little too much for me.

Sure I’ve been dying for some forecast free days but the last couple of days were distrubing for two reasons.

First the early heat is a sign that summer will be coming sooner than anticipated. Which is evil. The heat here can be well over 100 on a given day. That does not take in to measure nights when it stays around 90 until close to midnight. Our summers I should say last from May to September. One year it was still 90 degree weather in November.

Second reason for the dismay, the mosqitos. They are everywhere. I kid you not. They have been hurling their bodies at every door, window and screen. Several invaded the apartment. They are such a nuissance.

As in all things the heat has affected my taste in music. Here is a sampling of the new playlist. The following are typical songs from my summer days. Hearing them always reminds me of long hot days in the car. The summer is after all the time of road trips.

Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um by Major Lance

Now that I’ve grown up
And the woman I love she has gone
Now that I’m a man, I think I understand
Sometimes everyone must sing this song.

*Ooh Poo Pah Doo by Jesse Hill

Yoh-oh-oh. Yoh-oh-oh. Yoh-oh-oh. Oh Yeah-eah-ah Awww. Yeah.

I Think You’ve Got Your Fools Mixed Up by Brenton Wood

I’m not the same fool you knew that couldn’t help his self
and followed you around like a dog
strung on a chain and wagged his cute little tail
whenever you call his name

Harlem by Bill Withers

Summer night in Harlem, Man it’s really hot!
Well it’s too hot to sleep I’m too cold to eat
I don’t care if I die or not

Rip It Up by Little Richard

Well its Saturday night and I just got paid
Fool about my money, don’t try to save,
My heart says go go, have a time,
Saturday night and I’m feelin’ fine

Having a Party by Sam Cooke

We’re having a party
dancing to the music
played by the DJ
on the radio
The cokes are in the icebox
popcorn’s on the table
me and my baby, we’re out here on the floor

Well work beckons.

Have a great day.

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