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Classy Horror

Sometimes children are creepy. Especially if the children drive their nannies to suicide and cause baboons to attack.

Which brings me to The Omen.

The first time I saw this film I was sure that it would be cheesy and unmemorable.

Boy was I wrong.

The film reminded me of my days of babysitting. I remember the tantrums. The cacophony of screams and babbles. I remember how my body ached to be free from the children.

I remember all of these things because the most significant element of this film is how neither parent is able to bond with their child. He becomes alien to them.

I could sympathize. I didn’t always have a bond to the children.

The horrific things that happen in the film feel plausible. What I mean to suggest is that you could easily watch this film from the view point that both parents are loosing their minds.

What if the child is a healthy normal child of no dark origins. In that instance this film would represent the story of a crumbling family.

It is that doubt that eats away at Gregory Peck’s character. His struggle is what really gives weight to this story. He loves his son.

There are some utterly frightening moments that give this film immediacy.

Take for instance Mrs. Baylock. Her performance was amazing. Somewhere between her clipped responses and her deep voice lurks pure evil.

This is a fantastic movie.

If you want to really question your faith you can look up the story of the making of the movie.

Or watch the documentary on the collector’s disc. There were a lot of ‘fatalities’ and accidents that befell the creators of this film.

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Break Some Rules

Netflix makes some good movies suggestions from time to time the best suggestions by far have been the high rating for both Dexter and Lost. I could not have agreed more with those reviews.

Their choice in horror movies have not been as helpful.

Either way each new selection is a bit of a hit or a miss. Which brings me to this movie, Carriers.

The basic structure of this movie is that people get infected, bleed out slowly and die in a feverish state. The film was hard for me to negotiate because the basic situations are too similar to 28 Days Later (awesome Danny Boyle movie).

The problem I have is two fold. One I don’t care about any of the people. Even the sick child, that later gets abandoned, the story makes time for no one so it is impossible to identify or feel sympathetic to anyone.

Second I love some apocalyptic films because by the end of the movie I appreciate my own life a little bit more.

This movie was dreary and it felt awkward to watch this band of survivors knowing that I would not have chosen these people to be the future (that is to say if they survive at all).

I didn’t find the film horrific. True there is gore. There is a creepy factor due to seeing bloody people lunge at the camera but all of this is amounts to cheap tricks.

I need to feel the fear in the dark of the night. I need to know that I won’t sleep soundly for a few days.

For now I have work to attend.

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Truth Be Told

There is a story behind every item that I create. The story however is not what you may think.

Knitting is a solitary pursuit. In order to complete items of large size or complexity you must submit to a lot of work. That work however is horribly monotonous.
My hands do all the hard work. Sure I have a vivid imagination but I’ve caught myself dozing while I knit. My hands just keep on knitting…I’ve woken up to realize that I ruined a pattern I have even pulled stitches off the needle.

In my effort to combat mid-day sleepiness as well as to make these hours bearable I watch a lot of movies, listen to the radio, watch football, and more than anything else I watch reality shows.

If you have purchased something from me you should know that whatever it is it is a product of pure pop culture.

With Tyra Banks and Tim Gunn as a mentor how could I not be inspired?

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Knit Flix: Damn the Man

Save the Empire!
Today’s Knit Flix will be all about my favorite late night treat, Empire Records.

I find that more often than not I spend most of my nights working late. I think sometimes it is hard for me to fuel my creativity earlier in the day.

That said no other movie has kept me company in these dark nights than Empire Records.

Here are a few of my favorite moments.

Notable Quotes

“The time to hesitate is through”

“Welcome to MusicTown, may I service you?”

“The fat man walks alone.”

“Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.”

Fact. I know all the musical cues to this movie.
You could say that this is my favorite movie because I sing along with the audio track.

Tomorrow I promise some pretty distraction. I am on look out for some inspiration.

Goodnight Tuesday. Its been grand.

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Fear Drives Me

Today I took a break from my normal routine. I sat in front of the tv and watched The Shining.

To know me well is to know that I have a strange fascination with horror movies. It is strange because I am easily scared. Since I was a kid I’ve been prone to having nightmares about movie monsters.

Little scares me now a days. So every now and then I hope that when I put in the dvd I will genuinely get scared. Only about five movies have scared me to the brink of insomnia.
The Shining was one of them.

I mention all of this because the movie put me into such a frenzy that I knitted like I’ve never knitted before. Knitted two wallets and I started a third.

Here’s hoping I will get some sleep tonight.

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Sorry. I just saw Reptar online and kind of freaked out.

I used to watch Rugrats, all the time. I always wanted a Reptar bar. They’re little chocolate Reptars. Whenever Tommy Pickles would eat one green gunk would pool at the corners of his mouth.

I may in fact think about food too much.

So be it.

I’m a nerd who craves sugar. I dig it the most.

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Knit Flix: Working Girls edition

I have been so busy working that I think about work even when I’m trying to relax. These two movies are campy fun but they are also about identity. Which is something I’ve come to grapple with as I struggle to make a business for myself.

That is not to say that these are heavy dramatic movies. Far from it.

9 to 5 (1980)

Growing up both my parents worked. Something about having a job seemed so glamorous. My first office job as an adult was such a strangely satisfying feeling. Answering a phone seemed like an achievement.

I blame my grandmother. She was a secretary. She used to bring me and my brother to her office. Having strong women like my mom and my grandmother left an indelible impression on me.

I knew as a child that I wanted to have a career. They were multifaceted women who did what they had to in order to take care of their kids. I think that when I see this film I am reminded that a woman can do anything if she just puts her mind to it.

Even hog tie her boss.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)

I adore the opening sequence to this movie. I saw this film when I was starting to go to Junior High School. I was new to makeup and being a girl.

Gotta say I wish I had had an Auntie Vida to help me with my makeup. I would have looked fierce back then. Back then I was prone to poking myself in the eye with a brow pencil that I was using as eye liner.
But I digress.

The movie was such a charming story about being an outsider and finding a community that would accept you on your own terms. It was the perfect film for an insecure teenager.

These two movies were a joy to watch and I found myself working even harder.

If you need a little pick me up rent these two gems.

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Knit Flix: John Water Edition

Lately I’ve been obsessed with music. I am either sewing or taking pictures so I have little attention for movies. That said John Waters is the perfect antidote to a busy preoccupied crafter. Two prime examples are the following movies!


This is a great film from my childhood. I so longed to be a hairhopper. I have impossibly straight hair. It does nothing. It merely mocks me. But I digress.

I can’t shake the feeling that this movie is a little to prim and proper for JOhn Waters. I love it. Its gloriously campy but its really quite sweet and of all his films it feels the most repressed.

I think there are two really great things to take away fromt this movie, loving performance of Divine and the great music. My favorite songs: “Foot Stompin'”


I haven’t seen this film in years. This film is hard movie for me to watch. I saw this as a girl. Back then I had a huge crush on Johnny Depp. I had known him from 21 Jump Street (tv show). I thought he was so dreamy. I’ve heard over the years that he had originally jumped at the chance to be in a John Waters film as a way to break his ‘idol image’

When I first saw this movie I was completely blown away. I didn’t think for one second that it was an attempt to blight his old image. I just thought…he is sooooo dreamy. As an adult I can’t help but cringe. I can’t even fathom how my parents could have let me watch it. Its not that its bad its just that it is pulsating with sexual tension. I can’t trust myself to write anymore about it. I have a few images that speak for themselves.

*I didn’t get much work done while Johnny Depp writhed around in his super tight jeans.

I need to get back to work. I have pictures to take and a few silly things planned for Saturday and Sunday!

Goodnight Friday, its been fun!

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Remains of the Day

Growing up my brother basically spent a lot of time watching TV, playing video games and getting as far away from me as possible.

Not that I made things easy for him. I tried to tag along as much as I could.

Life is all about the small moments so here are a few.

*My brother and I know the words to the Duck Tales theme song.
Somethings never change.

I hope it was a pleasant day.


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Golden Sunday

I hope this Sunday finds you well. I plan on taking a mini break late this evening to soak in some Hollywood glamour.

I love seeing what gown each actress choses to grace the red carpet.

I find myself sitting in anticipation for my favorite nominees.

And if your lucky you might even get a little scandal.

Enjoy yourselves.

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